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September 2020
XMC Card for Interfacing
Looking for a robust and high-performance interface in a compact XMC
AIM has the solution with the AXC3910
AIM's all new XMC card which plugs right into VME/VPX carriers or SBC's (Single Board Computers)
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Having one fully dual redundant STANAG3910 high speed and low speed
interface, the module offers a rich set of features for simulating, analyzing and monitoring with protocol error injection/detection.

On board IRIG-B time stamping capability covers synchronization needs in a test and simulation environment.

The AXC3910 SoC based hardware core design is equivalent to AIM's APEX3910 PCIe Board...

Single Stream STANAG3910/EFEX
Test and Simulation Module
for PCIe
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...and also used on an embedded customer specific designed STANAG3910/EFEX interface solution.
Special AXC3910 Features:
  • Digital PrEN3715 Interface on a 68-pin SCSI Front I/O
  • Digital PrEN3715 Interface on Rear I/O (XMC or optional PMC Rear I/O Connector)
  • Conduction cooled provisions
  • External FOFE options on request

All being said!
AIM offers flexible interface solutions for all your STANAG3910/EFEX XMC applications.
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Single, Dual or Quad Stream
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