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March 2021
Smart Testing with USB
for all AFDX®/ARINC664P7 Protocols
The all-new ASC-FDX-2
is a portable second generation
solution with advanced test and loading functions for AFDX®/ARINC664P7 networks
for all your test & analysis needs!
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The AIM Smart Cable family has been extended and optimized for low power consumption using a single USB 2.0 Type A slot. It has two RJ-45 connectors providing the link to the AFDX®/ARINC664P7 redundant network with programmable speed at 10/100Mbit/s.

  • Traffic Capture with Error Detection with high-resolution Time Stamping
  • Provides low Latency Method to monitor Traffic
  • Received Traffic Statistics
  • High Precision Custom Frame Sequences with Error Injection
  • Simulation of multiple End-Systems/VL's and Com/SAP Ports with automatic Sampling Ports and Traffic Shaping/Scheduling
  • Detection of Traffic Shaping and redundancy Violations
  • Optional Variant for Supporting Boeing EDE

AIM Aerospace Techweek
Easy access to the device for custom programming using the Application Programmer’s Interface with C or C++ or use the Python library for Python script applications

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AIM Aerospace Techweek
Load your End System or Switch!
The optional EasyLOAD-615A Data Loading Software for Windows plus the ASC-FDX-2 is the perfect combination for all your Data Loading needs!
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AIM Aerospace Techweek
Databus Test & Analysis Software
The advanced full featured* Test & Analysis Software for Windows/Linux accelerates your test and development!
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is a costed option with a 30 day free trial downloadable from
our Web Site!
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